What is in our Water?

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“What is in your water?”

This is possibly our most asked question. 

The answer is simple; nothing. 

However we will explain. 

All water contains minerals and salts. When purifying water we use a measure of TDS. This stands for total dissolvable solids, these are measured in parts per million.

Here are four examples of water and their TDS readings. 

1. Tap water; which is drinkable, before the purifying process reads the highest of 250-300TDS. Full of those chemicals and minerals. 

2. Filtered water; like that of a household Brita filter. This takes out some but not all of those chemicals and minerals, it lowers the TDS to 50-100. 

3. Rain water; this often reads between 15-25 TDS, lower than most people expect. So whilst rain water alone is not enough to clean your windows, it does not interfere with our cleaning process as you may think it would. We can still clean your windows in light rain. 

4. Pure water; this has a TDS of 0. This is the water we use. Water purification is classed as reverse osmosis thus removing 99% of all impurities, the minerals, salts and chemicals from tap water. Then deionisation takes away that last 1%. 

Leaving us with nothing. Just pure water. A TDS reading of 0. 

Why do we use pure water?

It is the chemicals, minerals and salts in water that leave behind a residue on your windows. By using pure water we take this away, it lessens the unsightly white spotting and streaks you may notice left behind with soap and tap water. 

Our water-fed brush system that carries our purified water is beneficial in a few ways, the pressure of which the water leaves the pump and the bristles of the brush itself agitates the dirt. This gives a more thorough clean. We can scrub those frames, sills and facias too. 

We then rinse, taking off any leftover grime. This gives it a clearer finish and it takes a matter of minutes to air dry. 

What are the benefits of a ladder-less system?

With our water fed poles we can work from the ground. We can reach over any obstacles, upto a height of 75 feet. This means that we don’t need to risk working at height and it takes away the hazard of the ladders themselves meaning a safer work environment for our staff and the public.

It also gives privacy to you the customer. Simply put, you aren’t met with a face looking through your window. 

For any queries of how we can help you please contact us via phone or email. Also feel free to keep up to date here on our website and of course our social media platforms.